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Desk shift morning conversations

I started my morning with a delightful egg, spinach, mushroom, onion scramble complimented by a glass of orange juice. I simultaneously prepared my lunch by using my crock pot for the first time, so I now look forward to a, hopefully, tasty lunch once I finish my desk shift. 

For the first 15 minutes or more of my desk shift, I chatted with our thoughtful cleaning lady. My desk job is in a dorm, so she is around and we typically strike up conversation here and there. However this morning, we really went in depth about schedules and how she and her husband work. They are both employed by the University, yet she works days, and he works nights. She shed light about how it is to live and work without an education. She said “it is life and it just is the way it is.” I really appreciated that time and conversation I had with her, knowing it helped to shape my perspective in many ways.

The next conversation involved residents and the question of ethics in business. It was interesting to listen to priorities and aspirations talked about by a business major. “It’s the American dream…” Well I’m not sure if I endorse it, or at least not in a context of unethical business. “There are no ethics in business, it’s just about making as much money as you can.” Now there was some satire in this conversation, but it really did make me think. The topics of sweat shops and exploitation. CEO salaries and pay scales. How can we be ethical in business, even if we don’t think ethics of business is real…just good times talking with residents, but all the while stretching my mind to think about these realities. 

Now I’m off to try my mango, orange, salsa-ed chicken, and then to get finger printed!

The finger print process will enable me to start teacher aiding very soon. TEACHER AIDING!

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