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Saturday class, I don’t mind you.

Saturday class started this morning, and like I said, I really don’t mind it. Of course it wouldn’t be my first choice to start the weekend by waking up at 8am for class, but when it’s an interesting one, it’s really not too bad 🙂

Theories and Foundations of Teaching ESL. This is my third ESL class in the series of five classes for the ESL endorsement (all saturday classes). I will take two additional bilingual courses (this summer) in order to fulfill an ESL/Bilingual endorsement. The Saturday classes are once a week, 5 hours long, for just a quad (half semester) yet I still earn the 4sh. Therefore, the class is pretty condensed.

I’m looking forward to this class and particularly learning from my professor and his experiences. He is an adjunct professor who teaches at a neighborhood school, Albany Park Multicultural Academy. He got into his teaching career later in life after being in business and then music/touring world. His introduction was cut a bit short as we combined with the graduate level of this class for the remaining 4 hours. 

We spend most of today talking about the history of immigration in the US and how this relates to Education.

We will be exploring our own personal immigration/heritage stories in hopes to then better understand our ESL students. 

My finger prints were successful, TB testing on Monday, then more on the Teacher Aiding soon…

Happy 3-day weekend (for some of you) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! 

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