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Why I’m doing a January whole30

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I did my first whole30 in march 2015. Almost 4 years ago! But its wasn’t an easy or consistent straight forward path into finding what’s known as “food freedom.” 2018 was the first year that I stayed mostly steady with my relationship with food and health and its truly thanks to the whole30 program and community. It has taught me ways to be creative with limited healthy foods. I learned ways of being more in control of what I’m eating and avoid binge and unhealthy food habits. It’s helped me learn how to cook and prep food in ways that make me feel good. Whole30 has taught me so much about my relationship with food and my overall health. Through the whole30 community, I have met many others who have similar interests, understandings and goals that have helped me stay accountable in 2018. I do not eat whole30 solely, but incorporate what I learned from doing rounds into my weekly cooking and eating lifestyle.

As I was making a decision about joining in the January whole30 reset, I started to reflect on some of what it’s taught me and think about why I might want to do it this January. Here are 10 reasons why I’m doing the whole30. These are not the same reasons as why I did my first round or the other rounds. But this is where I am now and why I’m looking forward to this reset.

Tiger blood. I’ve really never felt much better than those days of tiger blood. I’m not just talking about feeling good about what I’m eating, I mean overall feeling. Everything. I will never forget working out while on my first whole30 and having this feeling like I could run and go on forever. Waking up refreshed. Going to sleep without total exhaustion. More confidence and just overall positive vibes about myself, any stressors and everything around me.

Slaying the Sugar Dragon. The past weeks, I have noticed how much I am out of routine in all areas, and especially food. I know I could get back into it without doing all 30 days of reseting, but from my experience, this is really when the cravings are curbed. Unnatural, added sugar is in almost every single thing we put into our bodies. Overtime it slowly creeps into the way I crave and what I eat. I want to slay that dragon for a fresh start to 2019!

Non scale victories. It’s so much more than weightloss. I’ve been feeling anxiety pain in my chest that is not normal for me in these weeks off work. I’ve been bloated and uncomfortable. Some of my clothing is not fitting as well. I’m way too tired. I’m probably oversleeping and still feeling tired. I have that fog fatigue that is throwing me off. There are lots of ways I’m feeling and behaving which is why I’m looking forward to tiger blood and slaying the sugar dragon! I’m looking forward to the victories that come with these 30 days that are not attached to a number on the scale.

It tastes good. My taste buds have really adjusted over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pizza and pasta and desserts and many things that aren’t whole30 compliant. But real whole food ingredients just taste better to me. I would go for the steak and vegetables over the mac n cheese or for the eggs hash over the sweet waffles with whipped cream and syrup. I still like both and I’m not saying the other is horrible, but it actually tastes better to me. Yes, I’m sure there’s an element of mentality by knowing it is just simply better for me, but when I’m on a whole30 and in the whole30/food freedom lifestyle, I crave the real whole non dairy/sweet foods.

I want others to feel this. It’s impossible to not share. As someone who lives in Zambia I have a unique opportunity to share and lead others through whole30 where it is unheard of. We had an incredible experience in June with over 250 people in our city and nearby areas joining the whole30 Facebook group and I want more to experience this. I want more to not just follow along but actually try it for themselves and have a successful 30 days. It’s hard work and I don’t get paid to help others through a whole30, but its so worth it to me.

Reset. Though I cook primarily whole30 and paleo and 2018 was my first year since 2015 of developing a pretty good routine, I feel that it is time for a reset. The past month and especially weeks I’ve missed a more strict way of eating. It was fun to eat anything and not think about it the past month, but as I go back to work after the holidays and get back into the work and everyday routine, I want to get back into that routine with eating that I love. I believe a whole30 reset will help me with this. For some it may not be necessary, and it may be better to just continue on with the healthy habits and not do such a strict reset. I know this can lead into unhealthy cycles so I do not intend to do whole30 and then binge and then whole30 again. Instead, I intend to start off the year with these 30 days as a means to lead into another year of a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle. Its not crazy if it really is a lifestyle. Yes the 30 days are a bit extreme and I will agree with many of the faces people make at me when I explain it. But if you don’t do those 30 days, you can never truly understand and experience it. And those days are what, for me, have made it into a lifestyle.

No guilt. I’m not doing the January whole30 as a way to make amends for all the holiday eating and drinking. Yes I did overindulge in some ways but thats natural. Life is full of ups and downs and cycles which create the overall balance so it would have been uncalled for to limit myself too much while having one month of break and attending many seasonal parties. I would be lying if I said I do not hope to lose any weight, at all. If my body needs to it will, if it doesn’t then it won’t. It’s honestly as simple as that when it comes to whole30 because it is not a restricting diet. Yes I most likely will shed some pounds especially from this last month, but that’s not the purpose. This isn’t to make up for December mistakes. This isn’t for weight loss. This is for all the other reasons I already listed above.

Goals. One of my goals for 2019 is to continue finding my food freedom and working on the idea of intuitively eating. I also want to be more consistent with fitness and when I’m experiencing tiger blood and healthy eating, I find myself more motivated to move. I want to be in a groove where I eat whole, real food in every meal without thinking about it. That it’s not all about being whole30 but its all about being whole. I feel that starting off the year in this way will help me with the transition into making this even more of a lifestyle and keeping up with it!

Are you doing January whole30? Or did reading this make you consider it or have more questions? I would love to help you along your journey and hear if you’re going to join along!

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