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A Day in the Life of a Wife of a Videographer

I had the opportunity to help David as he filmed the story of Dr. Chipepo. As unfortunate as it was to not be working, I was grateful for the experience of better understanding some of my husband's work. David and Jubliee Centre put on a GLS (Global Leadership Summit) in Ndola and Lusaka annually. They use the teachings from the Chicago GLS and telecast them for a two day conference. As he prepares for this event, he makes a few short videos to share about the effects the GLS has on people. He also shares these types of stories at the GLS and with partners to inspire and show a taste of the transformations in Zambia. It was an honor to meet and spend the weekend with Dr. Chipepo and the ministry, "The Village of Hope." We met with her on Friday morning to begin interviewing. We spent 2-3 hours where I asked her questions and she answered with stories (we had prepared on another day with her before). After lots of talking, listening, and holding tears back as she explained such great transformations, we went out to explore the Village of Hope. During this time, we were able to meet the founders, who are originally from Colorado and started the school and orphanage 10 years ago. We met children and house moms. We explored the grounds and saw lots of livestock. I was able to talk more with Dr. Chipepo while David filmed shots for the video. That evening, we went to a worship night put on by some of the children. They did about 5 songs of singing and dancing - putting on quite the show for the camera! Then one of the young boys shared about sin and God's love. Dr. Chipepo and another leader helped him as he was so nervous with all the older boys listening!! We stayed at a beautiful resort right nearby (so sad I don't have the photos anymore!!). The next day we went back for more filming. We had a great weekend at the Village of Hope, seeing everything they do and how Dr. Chipepo has changed her life from being the country's lead abortion specialist to leading an orphanage and school to preserve and transform lives!

The first day we met Dr. Chipepo she invited us in and we sat on her couch talking, not even noticing as the clock hand passed the hour twice. I held eye contact with her and my heart was constantly relating and feeling close to her pain and joy through her experiences. I held back my emotions and continued to listen. David took notes and talked about how he would create a video to share her story. That car ride home for about 3 hours we were amazed what God did and continues to do in her live through her deep love and discipleship. We talked about how we could create a grander vision video story to share the most important parts of her life that could inspire others. We hope and believe that this told the most important parts of her story and show the work of God. As she shared, she talked about her experience going to Cuba for medical school. There wasn't enough time or application in the story to include this part. From the photos Cuba sent the campus looked beautiful. The housing and food and experience would be rich. Instead, she and one other Zambian found themselves at a different location, with holes in the roof and rats running around. She would cry everyday and wish for home. The school included an allowance and she used it all in the first few months to call home. She would sit by the ocean and watch the ships come in. She was plotting a way to get onto a ship and get back home to Zambia. As she sat there, an old Cuban woman came and sat beside her. The woman said, "if you can survive Cuba, you can survive anything."   She was able to finish her medical schooling in Cuba and became completely fluent in Spanish. She met friends from Jamaica and on a trip home with them she met Christ. Watch the video to see God's transformative work in her life and through out Zambia!! Click here: Grander Vision: Dr. Chipepo's Story

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