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A quick food & travel guide: 2 days in Lusaka

This is just a taste of a few favorite places to explore in the capital city of Zambia.

There is so much more to do than what I'm sharing about today. But if you only have 2 days, here's an example itinerary, it's only what we did in the short time we had. I'll add on a list of all the additional places there are to visit and eat!

Since it had been a couple years since I'd spent much time in Lusaka, I had come up with a list of places I wanted to go. When we used to go more often, a lot of these places weren't around or maybe they weren't as popular. There were so many more places we hoped to get to but we didn't want to jam pack our schedule. Here's how the weekend went:

Friday night: La pizzetta, chicago's and sky bar.

Saturday: Monkey pools day outing, fox and hound/patio evening hang out.

Sunday: Brunch at mint active, Latitude 15 pool day, Grand Daddy's, Decapo.

Monday: Corner Cafe for sushi lunch (could have done on Saturday).

Monkey Pools

My favorite place of all was Monkey Pools! I had heard of it when first moving here in 2016 but just never made it there. 4 years later, and it sure did not disappoint! I had expected it to not be as cool as it was, so I especially enjoyed it!

Just about a 10 minute drive from American International School of Lusaka, lays this oasis. There are many different pools, both shallow and deep, and they all lead to one another through waterfalls and water overflows. There are also little hiking paths and lots of jungle places to explore! The lawn picnic area and clubhouse are lovely.

Mid march was a great time to go because the pools were full but it was rainy still. Anytime soon after the rainy season would be the best time. Lots of monkeys were also out this time of year! We saw about 6 monkeys, mostly by the picnic lawn space in the trees.

We went on a Saturday of a long weekend when the weather was very nice so most of the picnic places were full. But they are all spaced out with individual braii stands and benches, so it gives each party privacy. The pools were a little busy but everyone was friendly and it was fun to be in an environment where lots of people were swimming (without feeling crowded). The pool was empty, but it is a lovely, large pool! There are bathrooms with one shower and changing area to use.

There is a k100 (less than $10) entrance fee per person which includes access to all the pools, picnic area, braii stand, etc. I think the price is very much worth it!

Latitude 15

Latitude 15 was my second favorite spot on this trip! It is gorgeous. The way it is decorated is inviting which rustic and eclectic art and decor. The pools are well kept and fun to swim in (as long as you aren't shy about swimming close to buzzing tables people enjoying cocktails and meals).

It is a rustic chic boutique style hotel where people stay as well as just come to eat or visit for the day. I did not try their spa, though I have heard they have great services and affordable prices.

We only realized later that the two pool areas also have separate food and drink menu. The second bar and eating place is much more decorated and majestic while the first one is a more relaxed atmosphere. We chilled by both places but because we started at the first pool, we also ordered cocktails from the first bar. If I go back (I definitely plan to!) I would love to order from the second bar. I have heard their food isn't amazing but that their cocktails surely are!

I loved the mangolada! It was fresh and perfectly flavored. I enjoyed it more than a pina colada - its a mango spin off with just white rum, real mango and coconut cream blended. I did not taste the rum so if you like your drinks like that - you'll love it! If you like to taste it - you could try ordering an extra shot.

Corner Cafe

Come for the sushi, skip the desserts! Maybe they are better normally, but my experience with a lemon macaroon and a chocolate were both were very stale. To the point that I took one bite of chocolate and couldn't finish it. I did finish the macaroon out of stubbornness but I really didn't enjoy it. It was so hard are most of it just crumbled apart. The inside was especially tough.

I loved the spicy salmon and mango sushi! The portions are small so one plate of sushi really is not enough. One plate is less than half of a standard roll, 4 small pieces. I found 2 portions to be less filling than a standard size roll in Seattle.

But the combination of the two was great for a light lunch! I loved that the salmon roll had both the topping and they did not skimp on the amount inside. The mango roll was a little more like dessert/fruit sushi even though it had prawn. The prawn was a small piece and the mango was over powering - in a good way, just would only recommend ordering as more of a dessert/snack and not a main sushi dish.

La pizietta Restaurant

La pizietta is a lovely restaurant. We were there for a birthday party so we had a buffet and did not order from their standard menu. Their buffet food was good, not as flavourful as I would like but still good!

Grand Daddy's

Grand Daddy's is a great place for Sunday chills. We went later on Sunday after already eating, but their braii food looked delicious! The space is huge with plenty of parking. I didn't get any photos but I definitely would love to go back for their shoka nyama.

Decapo Coffee & Lounge Bar

Decapo restaurant at East Park mall has an awesome ambiance. Their food is yummy and after a few mistakes, they made sure to try their best to provide us with better service. Although the mistakes on both drink and food orders did take away from an amazing experience, the staff tried their best to rectify it and sent home with complimentary chicken poppers. I hope to (and believe I would) have a better experience next time!

Mint Active

There are lots of fun brunch places in Lusaka (especially compared to Ndola) but we picked this one because they have a lot of great vegetarian options! Their menu is extensive with so many options we don't have access to in Ndola. The inside is a very nice set up and the outside is great, as well! We each order different breakfast and lunch dishes and enjoyed them all. They have american style orange sweet potato fries - the frozen then fried kind that are so unhealthy but so worth it delicious!

I won't review Sky bar, Chicago's or Fox & Hound as they have been around for awhile and most know what they offer. I will say that I enjoyed the patio outside of Fox & Hound as a chill spot for cocktails and shisa with friends. We spent the evening sitting on couches there instead of going inside of the bars and I was quite happy with that. The patio area has nice furniture, plants and was nothing like we have in Ndola!

Other places to see in and around Lusaka:

Tiffany's canyon (sunken lake with zip line, kayak, activities, best in hot season)

Lilayi Lodge (elephant feeding, great food, beautiful views, cheesy netflix film location)

Pazuri (picnic and braii place)

Protea rooftop bar and pool

Raddison blue bar and pool area

Cantina (taco bar)

Hana Saku (japanese sushi restaurant, sushi chef on weekends only)

Tapas caliente

Urban Yard




What would you add to the list? Comment below!

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