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Compliments from a Parent: Intuition

This afternoon, I received a very meaningful compliment from the grandmother of one of my students. I titled this with “Compliments from a Parent” not only because this woman is like a mother to her, but also because as a Student Teacher, the overall concept of parent compliments is very encouraging. I am learning more and more everyday who I am as a teacher. I learn from my students, from my reflections, from my Cooperating Teacher, and today I learned from this special interaction. 

After bringing the students to indoor recess today, a woman approached me saying, “Hi…Ms. Abigail?” I recognized her and so I already knew which of my students belonged to her. After greeting her, she got right into her intent.

She thanked me for working with her child is such a special way. She explained that she had heard about the rough day that her child had last Friday. This time, something stuck out when the student explained to her grandmother how I went over to her and asked her to take deep breaths and relax for a moment when she was struggling to start her writing. I took just a moment to be with her and encourage her. I didn’t think a thing of it, except for maybe regretting it when my cooperating teacher made a comment. She was crying and couldn’t seem to focus. She felt so much pressure that she was sitting there during game time just staring blankly at her paper. I only took a moment, but as is noted, it was impactful for this student.

Anyway back to what this woman said to me. She continued to thank me and applaud me for such a simple action. She said it was a great attribute to see in a teacher. She talked about how everyone’s teaching approaches work for various students, but with her child’s sensitivity, in that moment, she really needed me to just take the initiative to help her take deep breaths and refocus. I was amazed that such a simple act made such an impact not only on the student, but also on a family member. 

Today I realized the importance of intuition. It is great to have a well developed teaching approach and to understand best practice, but if one can’t see the need of each student and intuitively make a decision of how to approach each student individually, then what is the use of the all pedagogy? In teaching and even just through out life, we need to be grounded in a balance between what we learn and what we already have. There are so many wonderful things I have learned through my education classes, but there are some things that are just a part of me. Today I learned something that I didn’t even realize was special until a parent commented and personally complimented me is such a sweet and uplifting way. Thank you and as my Grandma says, “Oh don’t stop! Keep the compliments coming!” 😉

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