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Homemade Honey Bunches of Oats

Honey bunches of Oats is one of my all time favorite cereals, and I’m assuming you like it too, if you’re here!

I live in Ndola, Zambia without access to buying this specific cereal so I learned to make it myself! Something I’ve done a lot, over the past almost 5 years. Whether you’re living abroad or someone who just likes homemade, this is the recipe!

I‘ve realized how incredible and extensive the selection of American cereal is ever since living in Zambia. Although I don’t eat cereal daily, it’s something I miss every once in awhile. In Ndola, we have all the major supermarket chain stores from South Africa such as shoprite, pick n pay, food lovers, choppies as well as other food shops and markets. So in reality we do have a lot of options but still, the cereal options are extremely limited compared to the USA. Out of the few brand name and tasty ones we do have, of course they are very sugary, expensive and pretty much just chocolate, fruity or plain corn flavors without much flavor and texture diversity.

Well that’s the story of how this delicious recipe came to be. Take your plain corn cereal to something tastier and healthier. Try out this super tasty, over the top easy, ready pantry ingredient, inexpensive, healthy cereal option!

Eat as a classic cereal bowl with any choice of milk or it’s also delicious with yogurt, created into cereal bars, baked into breads and muffins or pack as a dry snack. I’m all about realistic options here.

I hope you enjoy it! Please give a like if you do and comment when you try it out yourself.

Tip: I usually make a double batch to last us the week (or 2 days sometimes haha). Also, play around with the measurements to suite your level of sweetness and taste.

So here’s to ticking off another May Minimalist bingo box: learn to make something you always buy.

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Reenie Meyer
Reenie Meyer
16 may 2021

Love your resourcefulness!!!

Me gusta
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