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The best Mexican salsa recipe ever!

Two recipes that I learned and perfected from a young age are guacamole and salsa. I haven’t yet tried other recipes of those that I love more! I first learned how to make fresh guacamole on a trip to Mexico when I was 17 and after that I used to make it for my family and friends often. Homemade salsa is not as common to put together because it is so easy to find jarred in the USA. But once you make this yourself, it is hard to go back to a jar or any basic salsa!

I adapted this recipe after working at a cafe in Chicago that had an amazing house salsa that they served along side every meal, and customers often asked for a second serving. I used to douse anything I ordered on my work breaks in this salsa because it is so flavourful and packs and punch of freshness that ups the flavour of everything! It was so good that I asked the Mexican chef for some tips of how to make it and she showed me step by step. The main difference that I changed is I usually use freshly boiled and peeled tomatoes rather than from a can, but the way she used whole canned tomatoes still works great. I also lessen the amount of sugar, but if you want it to be addictive and taste more like jarred salsa, add plenty of sugar! The last one is the jalapeños of course, because I love extra spice and I also use any other hot pepper if jalapeños aren’t available and the taste still comes out amazing! I never wrote down her recipe, but after seeing how she made it and trying the ingredients to taste, this is what I came up with more than a decade ago! If you look up other recipes, they tend to have the same ingredients that are classic to a Mexican salsa and you just cannot go wrong with this one!

The salsa can last about a week in the fridge, but I must say that I have never seen it spoil because we always eat it much before it is on its way out. Even if we make a double or triple batch, this sauce flies out the fridge in hours!

Of course it is great for classic chips and salsa dip, but I love to use it in just about anything and here are a few ways:

chilaquiles, quesadillas, any egg dish, on crispy breakfast potatoes, salads, tacos and every Mexican inspired dish you can think of and honestly just about anything you would put salt or pepper or hot sauce on!

So are you ready to try it out? All you need are these simple ingredients that can be found in any country around the world along with a blender or food processor! Hardly any cutting involved since the machine does all the work so it is a simple and fast recipe. You may even find that you have all the ingredients in your fridge or if you're lucky, your garden!

Salsa recipe

6 tomatoes with skin removed (boil + peel or use canned whole tomatoes)

1 small onion

3 cloves garlic

I bunch coriander

Juice of 1-2 limes (or lemon)

1 tablespoon of sugar (optional)

1-2 jalapeño pepper to taste

Salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Just slice the onions in half or quarters, no need to chop things before. Blend until mixed and chopped finely but not smooth (depending on your preference). It should be very flavorful, fresh and spicy.

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