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Classic moist chocolate cake

This is our go to chocolate cake that is amazing every time! It is extremely moist and delicious! I have seen very similar recipes in a number of cookbooks and blogs, but I think what distinguishes this one is using freshly brewed coffee. Hot water definitely works fine, but coffee will make it even better!

Here are some other ideas for modifications. I prefer to use melted butter instead of oil but either is fine. Coconut oil is a great idea, too. I reduced the amount of sugar slightly! Most chocolate cake recipes of this size call for 2 cups of sugar but I normally use 1.5 cups because I prefer a less sweet cake, especially if I’m planning to frost the cake! I love options to make it just a little healthier but just as tasty! Adjust as desired. Another option that I’ve done a few times to make it even richer, is usually dark chocolate cocoa. It’s already a rich cake, but that really takes it over the top! 

Interested in baking it without the oven? I had this experience due to the load shedding where I live in Zambia and I was challenged to try a different method: stovetop baking! Who knew? I tried 3 different methods; two steaming and one simply on low heat. I found the steaming methods took away from the flavor slightly with the increase in humidity. Additionally, because the cake is already so moist, it was harder to keep it together and come out of the pan after the steaming method. (Use parchment paper to improve this.) But tastewise, wow, cooked all the way through but almost fudgy! Baking it like a thick pancake (3 pans/batches worth) on very low heat worked best in my experience because it maintained its moistness while staying together and always came out of the pan with ease in one perfect piece and minimal effort.

I first made this chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday a few years ago and by far it was our favorite chocolate we’d ever had from home, if not from anywhere! Since then, I’ve made it every year for his birthday and also made it for our daughter’s first birthday - for the guests, while she had a yummy healthy banana bread style cake with blueberries.

This will definitely be the family birthday cake until requested otherwise! We also baked this cake for the hospital staff after both our babies were born! Everyone always asks, "What makes it so moist?! I point to the boiling, freshly brewed in the french press, coffee. Most people are surprised to hear that there is coffee in it. It doesn't taste like coffee, it truly tastes like a classic chocolate cake but with that je ne sais quoi that makes it even tastier.

The measurements in this recipe are really easy and the ingredients are accessible. I think a few more times of baking it and I will have it memorized! I love that it’s simple enough and all ingredients that are already in the pantry so it actually comes together pretty quickly. Are you ready to try it?

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1 Comment

Cynthia Cee
May 17

Wow such beautiful chocolate cake will definitely try it out I so much love the colourful sprinkles

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