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Moving across the worl

The process of traveling from Seattle, WA, USA to Ndola, Zambia....from the perspective of a TV. Yes that's right, I am going to share a story about a television that traveled across the world.

Back story: every good story has a back story, so my mother always says, and tells. David and I just got married and as we were deciding on our move to Zambia, we knew we wouldn't be able to bring much from the United States. So we didn't register for silverware and china because we are buying everything in Zambia, except for our huge TV. Televisions and other electronic appliances, furniture, cars, etc. are twice as expensive if not 3-4 times more costly! I was allotted extra weight to travel with, so we decided to buy a Samsung Smart TV for our home.

Where it began: in a storage unit in Everett, WA. I found a great deal on craigslist and went for it! I bought a brand new Smart TV for a great price. However, the car I was using when I picked it up, could not fit this 55" device when it was inside of the box. So we unpacked the whole thing.

The next day, my mom and I spent at least an hour repacking this TV into it's box with all the stuffing. Boy was that not fun!

So we get to the airport, I already had counted it as an extra international bag, and then after much discussion and measurements, the same fee was doubled due to also being an oversize bag. A kind gentleman rolled it away on a cart to a special part of the airport where really large boxes go...

....and it arrived in Zambia!!! Seattle - Dubai, Dubai - Lusaka....but it did not go all the way to my new home, Ndola, as planned. In fact, ALL my luggage decided to stop in Lusaka, even though the baggage tags all said, "checked to Ndola." So there I was, finding all my luggage, right before I boarded the last short flight. Now this TV would only fit comfortably through one exit of the airport. However, at this time, the airport employees could not figure out the lock and keys to the main exit of the airport, so we had to go back through the airport a different route. Which meant, everyone staring, talking in local languages, laughing, asking what was in that box, and more....

After additional fees and hassles, we eventually got it on the short 30min flight to Ndola! It is now safely in our new home.

P.S. TSA decided to do a full inspection of the box and barely taped the side back up. Zambia also wanted to, but I was able to talk myself out of it.

Did I immigration officer was not letting me into the country because I did not have medical records to prove that I did not have Zika Virus.... he was indignantly telling me that I could have Zika and that there is no way he would let me bring that into their country! I eventually made my way through. Within minutes, David gets a call, "Do you know Abigail...does she have zika?...I will call again to follow up and make sure she does not have zika..." oh but his talktime ran out so he asked David to call him back using his own minutes.

So why do I share this crazy, random story about a TV traveling from Seattle to Ndola? The process of traveling across the world is exasperating, demanding, and taxing (figuratively and literally). Yet, it is life-giving and beautiful. Thank you for the support in my journey.

If you made it through the end, thanks for reading! I will be posting photos of our home and such soon!

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