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Yolky scrambled eggs

Looking for a new way to eat eggs?

I love fried eggs with a runny yolk but I often get tired of the plain flat egg white taste and texture. So I usually switch between fried eggs and scrambled eggs with the addition of frittatas, egg bakes, and poached eggs. But then I was thinking…can we have scrambled eggs with a runny yolk? Of course we could just make runny scrambled eggs, but for some reason that has never sat to well with me.

So I had this idea to remove the yolks, scramble the egg whites and then at the end add in the runny yolks. Just one more step for scrambled eggs with a runny yolk. I’m thinking I’ll call them deconstructed scrambled eggs…or deconstructed yolk eggs...or yolky scrambled eggs...


2 eggs


Salt and pepper

Hot sauce (optional)


1. Separate the egg yolk from the egg whites. (set them aside in a bowl or in half of the egg)

2. Whisk the egg whites in a bowl

3. Lightly oil the pan on medium high heat

4. Pour in the egg whites and continue to stir and scramble them with a spatula

5. Turn off the heat just before they finish

6. Add in the yolks to the pan with the scrambled whites or straight to your plate!

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