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1 Ingredient Fresh Juice

On our way back home to Ndola, we got lots of produce from farms. One of those wonderful things being WATERMELON! I don't know if it's better here or if I just have been fruit deprived (probably the latter) but this watermelon is off the in delicious.

I've been eating watermelon for snacks and a side with meals, and decided to make it into a drink today! Guess what? It is literally the easiest thing. One ingredient and all natural. The only "difficult" part was taking out all (or most) of the black seeds. The ones I missed, sank down to the bottom anyway.

Step 1: cut watermelon into pieces Step 2: stuff blender with watermelon Step 3: blend Step 4: drink up

I recommend you make this right now! You will not be disappointed :) 

My favorite part of the juice was how full of froth it was on top! Once the froth started to go away, I added some ice to it. I'm sure the drink would be great also blended with ice, though I did not try that because my american blender sparked and I think I need a converter/regulator to change the watts before I use it again here! So I actually only blended for about 2-3 seconds and it was enough. I didn't add any sugar, nor did I want it to be sweeter, but for those of you who love sugary drinks, I'm sure that would be a great addition.

Next time I'll try adding some mint or lime. I just used half of a small watermelon and it made about 2 servings - 24oz.

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