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I love when people say "it's like _____ except take out _____ and add ______" and then you realize it really isn't like the first thing at all. We love reference points even if the ending point is completely different! A favorite of mine is "I'd like a mimosa please, but hold the orange juice."

My recipe that I am sharing today is of the same vein. It's just like coleslaw... just no mayonnaise... oh and green peppers but then no tomatoes... so you mean it's a cabbage salad? Yes... but like coleslaw!

It's most common here to have coleslaw made up of cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes with lots of mayonnaise. However, David doesn't like tomatoes in his and substitutes it with thinly sliced green peppers. I think this is a great substitution, but I hate mayo! So, we slice the cabbage and green peppers thinly, grate the carrots and then we each add our own sauces. David drowns his veggies in a creamy egg sauce and I mix mine with a vinaigrette and black pepper.

Ingredients: 1/2 cabbage 2 small green peppers 3 small carrots Vinaigrette dressing (or Olive oil and Vinegar) Black pepper Salt (optional)

Directions: Thinly slice the cabbage and green peppers into strings and grate the carrots. Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Mix ingredients with vinaigrette dressing (or oil and vinegar) and add pepper.

Simple, easy, delicious, and healthy! It's a great side dish or a very light lunch. We usually keep the vegetables fresh in the bowl and add the sauce when we eat the dish to allow for freshness and longevity.

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