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INTRO to Cooking with Abs: Weekly Wednesday Workout & Recipe Demo! with bonus January Recipe Review

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

My friend, April, and I have now been cooking healthy meals and doing workouts together off and on for almost 2 years! The last year, we started making it into a weekly set time and sharing the recipe demo with friends on instagram.

We have now named it COOKING WITH ABS which comes, obviously, from cooking and Abs is a double entondre for my name and for working out our abdominals and core.

Some weeks we work out, and some we haven’t. But we try for at least some type of movement with each meeting.

I usually choose the recipe and she usually chooses the workout. A foodie and a yogi — the perfect combo for our weekly Wednesday recipe and movement share!

Yoga in Mutanda Falls, Solwezi, Zambia.

We keep the meals healthy but not to a specific diet. All are either dairy free or have dairy free versions. Most of them are paleo and whole30 friendly, while others we’ve tried are vegan or just a yummy recipe that sounds good! We almost always find a specific recipe to test out, but every once in awhile we will just combine the ingredients we already have at home to make our own!

For this year, I’ve decided to write a recipe review for each one in a monthly blog post. So here the first installation of…Cooking with Abs Recipe Review — January round up!

We were both traveling in the states over the holidays so we only did one Cooking with Abs episode in January. I'll tell you all about it below!

Weekly Wednesday January 29th - Stuffed butternut squash with beef and kale

This is a whole30 recipe created by Kelly from Eat the Gains website.


First off - the sauce! It is easy to whip up and would be tasty on just about anything. The next day, I made it again for a simple salad. The cinnamon tahini REALLY upped the flavour of this dish! Already you can’t go wrong with butternut, meat and veggies, but the sauce pairs so lovely with the whole dish.

We used a mini butternut squash which ended up being the perfect portion for 2! It made it really fun to eat that way. Rather than scooping out or cutting in half, we each devoured a half - about the size of a medium sweet potato!

This recipe is not only a beautiful burst of flavour, it is also filling while being light and healthy. Butternut squash gives that starchy feel while still being a gourd vegetable with plenty of health benefits.

I also loved that this recipe is very simple but turns out looking fancier than it is — plus, most importantly, of course delicious!


I would rate this recipe 4.5 / 5 stars.


I would definitely make it again and I absolutely recommend it!


This week we did not include a specific workout...something we intend to improve upon!

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