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Easy Breakfast Sandw

I have a new favorite breakfast recipe!! I randomly made this one afternoon when David was making a sandwich that did not fair well with me, but I still wanted something like a sandwich. We have this awesome George Foreman mini grill which works as a panini presser and it makes the bread taste so good! Since I didn't have any sandwich makings of my liking, I fried an egg, added chili sauce and sliced tomatoes and.... BOOM! My favorite breakfast sandwich for the time being :)

📷 Hot Tomato Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: 1 egg 2 slices of bread 1/2 tomato Chili hot sauce Salt & pepper (optional - I don't always add salt and pepper because the chili sauce gives it so much flavor)

Directions: Cut 4 slices of the tomato. Fry an egg (for the perfect size and shaped egg, I use a mini one egg frying pan) salt and pepper. Spread chili hot sauce on one slice of bread. Place one slice of bread on the grill and add the egg, tomatoes, and other slice. Grill for 1 minute. (If you don't have a panini grill, use the same frying pan that you fried your egg in, heat on low and each side for 1 minute.)

It takes all of about 5 minutes! It would be amazing with some bacon and cheese. Although it is very fresh and light without the extras. When the avocados are ripe, I am so going to the tree and picking one to add on to this sandwich... YUM.

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