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Exhaustion and TA Placement

I’m tired, I’m fatigued.

Estoy cansada, tengo cansancio, y tengo sueño.  

exhaustion |igˈzôs ch ən| noun 1) a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue

Yeah, I feel that. It’s not that my classes are over demanding or that I don’t sleep…

I’m starting to realize the effects of my schedule. Working all day, and having classes in the evenings and on weekends. Would I be so exhausted right now if I knew I was finished for the week. If I was not dreading waking up early to sit in class for 5 hours (including presentations)?

I’m sure it’s a combination of more aspects than just my schedule, but I am now seeing a correlation between mi horario en Cuenca, Ecuador, and my schedule this semester in Chicago. Working/teaching through the day, and classes through the night, it’s just not what our bodies are accustomed to, and I’m young…right..

But teaching and working through the day brings me to a new point, I am starting teacher aiding. This has been quite the process. Through complication and confusion, I am placed in a Jr. High Science classroom. I’m not sure why Science, I was told that even though my concentration is Spanish, I will need to be placed in a “regular” classroom. That word, “regular,” kind of like the word “normal,” that’s another topic for a different day.

So I went and visited St. Juliana to meet my corresponding teacher. She was very friendly and inviting as I arrived after an hour and a half commute via public transportation. Apparently I’m teacher aiding in the Suburbs…Niles, IL. 

I was so not in Chicago anymore. This will be a gripping experience. 

I’m looking forward to teacher aiding, however I am hoping that it will not come with a free side of over exhaustion. 

Well, I must attend to my avacado-banana bread! Then a nap. Yes a nap, not sleep yet…

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