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Interview with Buzz magazine, Zambia: living abroad and traveling

Last week, I interviewed with a Zambian magazine: the buzz.

It was a live interview over the phone and I really had no idea what we'd talk about going into it! It was fun to share a little bit about how I got started with blogging, traveling, living abroad, teaching...just life in general!

I have been living in Ndola, Zambia since 2017 and here are some of my top tips of thriving where ever you are living! When I was asked, "If a book was written about you, what would it be called?" I was a bit stumped...but then I thought of how the wildflowers bloom no matter how harsh the earth or weather might be. I have often called my own daughters my wildflowers, and I've always felt wild and free at heart, hoping to bloom wherever I am, so that just came to mind.

The interview was transcribed into an article in the 11th edition of the buzz magazine. The magazine is available here for you to download for free! Please check out the interview, my article, photos and other information from Zambian creatives, stories, recipes, tips, etc.!

If you'd like to just learn a little more about me and our interview, I have included the page graphics below.

I hope you enjoyed our interview! If it makes you want to read more, please join along!

download the buzz magazine edition 11

follow along with me right here and over at @wholefoodabroad

After the interview, my article about the northern circuit in Zambia was published. Read it in full here!

Thank you for reading along with me today! Stay tuned for every Travel Tuesday and Foodie Friday. Let me know what you think below!

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Cynthia Cee
May 21

Aww nice one

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