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Ndola Living

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Ndola, Zambia has been my home now since 2017. After traveling and visiting family and friends around the USA for 3 weeks recently, there were countless questions about Ndola and what it’s like living here.

Here is my full guide of 30 things to do in Ndola if you are moving here or new to the area and want to find something to do!

Photo over outskirts of Ndola taken from the plane, January 2020.

So I thought I’d share a few facts about the city!

• The third largest city in Zambia in terms of population and size.

• Capital of the Copperbelt province.

• The population is estimated at 650,000 (the last official census was in 2010 with population of 450,000).

• Situated 6.2 miles from the border of the DRCongo.

• Founded in 1904, the second oldest colonial-era town of Zambia.

• First city in Zambia to get a modern soccer stadium (in photo).

• The climate is humid moderate subtropical, with record low of 32°F and record high of 101°F, daily average of 70°F.

And here are some of my thoughts about living in Ndola :)

It’s a big city but definitely has a small town feel. It was definitely a rough transition (and still sometimes is) going from Chicago to Ndola. Even the differences between my hometown of Seattle in comparison are astronomical. I miss my family and friends most, and then, I really miss the options. Options at the grocery store, options when choosing where to go out to eat. Options when looking into traveling, especially weekend trips. The options of activities and things to do. Opportunity and variety is something we don't experience often in Ndola.

Something I appreciate is the way I've slowed down in ways because of living in Ndola. Although I have become quite busy along with my full time teaching job, it's still not busy like in the states. Week nights aren't full of activities and we're usually home by 6pm or earlier. (It gets dark by about 6pm year round so that helps with the consistency of slow, family weeknights no matter the season.) Weekends are often relaxed because there's almost nothing to do! So sometimes I really do get down about it and miss the USA, but other times I'm glad. There's less stress and on the go which mentally creates more peace.

Any interesting facts or something you love about where you live?

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