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Let’s catch up

So it’s been quite some time since I posted last. Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy and pressed for time so it’s been difficult to take time to share, via my blog…but today I thought about it and decided to post!

So what’s been going on since last spring? It’s okay. I ask myself the same question sometimes, too.

Last spring semester, I spent time teacher aiding at St. Juliana in middle school Science. Teacher aiding it basically just observation hours. I graded a lot of papers and helped a little bit as a classroom aide while I observed the classes. I taught one lesson (to 2 classes) and have a great time with it! I went most Tuesdays for 7 hour days, and for a few Fridays for about 4 hours. After about a month I was finished with my 40 hours of observation in a regular classroom. The last 10 hours are to be spent in a special education classroom so I observed at Hibbard for about week in the sped program. Overall, I had a positive teacher aiding experience. Since I didn’t post about it before, I won’t detail it out too much to catch up, but now it has been made known as to where I was in my teaching experience last semester! 

This semester has been much different thus far. I am currently at Hibbard Elementary for my Mini-Teaching experience. Mini-teaching is like student teaching, but only for one hour/period a day. Therefore, I go to Hibbard every morning and I teach 5th grade reading. The first week or so I was simply observing to get a feel for the classroom and the teaching style that is used. It took a couple of weeks to get into the rhythm of it all. I first started off just teaching a guided reading group. For my guided reading group, we are reading, “The Trumpet of the Swan.” It has been beneficial to learn and experience how to do guided reading groups. 

I am definitely enjoying my time at HIbbard Elementary School and I am very thankful because it is one the same street I live on, just than a block away! However, I am on overload, taking 21 credits, so it’s been pretty crazy. Balancing so many classes, work, and mini-teaching, not to mention all the hours spent working on homework and planning lessons…let’s say it’s building character, because it is. It’s a good thing I have Saturday class and often work my summer job on the weekends, because I couldn’t have an easy weekend, after a busy week! I joke, but it has been stressful so I am looking forward to finishing strong this semester, oh and, traveling to Zambia. 🙂

Yes that’s right, David and I are going to Zambia, for almost a full month, over winter break! 

Next semester I will be Student Teaching at Waters Elementary School in 2nd grade!

So I have many wonderful things to look forward to. 🙂 It is now that I will take go, day by day. I choose my battles. I choose happiness and I choose grace. In times of restlessness and stress, I choose Christ, and he chooses peace. 

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