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Mufulira Dam and Boating Club

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I had heard great things about Mufulira Boating Club for years before finally getting there. Located just outside of Mufulira town in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, it is known as the best boating club in the Copperbelt and I see why.

We first went there for a birthday weekend in March 2019 with a large group and then returned a few months later in July 2019, with a small group. Since then, we have been back to camp again, as well as to stay in the chalets. If you’re new to camping and want to try it out, this is a great place to do it! *Covid has affected the upkeep of the new bar and restaurant and camping area but it is still a lovely experience and they hope to upkeep it better with more business that comes in. Make sure to call before if you are hoping for the restaurant, bar and toilets, etc to be open as this is no longer consistent.

The original boat house will be seen first when driving in and the new boat house is right along the dam as you continue driving. The swimming pool, volleyball court and soccer fields are located by the original boat house. The campsite is located right by the new boat house restaurant, bar and deck.

Recommended time of year to go

August-October but really any time of the year works for this place! We went on one of the coldest weekends of the year but with the campfire and extra layers/blankets, it ended up being chilly outside but cozy camping. The days were still great for most activities but if looking to swim, definitely go in warmer months!

Recommended length of time to stay

2 nights. The first time we went we just stayed one night but we all wished that we had planned for more. The second time, we originally planned 2 nights, then decided we would just go for 1 night. However once there, we all decided to stay a second night!


  1. Camping

  2. Boating

  3. Fishing

  4. Swimming

  5. Bird watching

  6. Volleyball

  7. Soccer or other field games

  8. Braii and picnic

  9. Bar and restaurant


The Mufulira Boating Club is 112km (about 2.5 hours) from Ndola on tarred roads, and 11km (about 25 minutes) outside of Mufulira town on a grated gravel and dirt road. The best route from Ndola is to drive through Kitwe and then onto Mufulira. We drove via Mufulira road all the way back one of the times, which is a much shorter route (75km) but still takes the same amount of time or longer because of the state of the road.

*Covid-19 update: The road condition has been affected as it is no longer being regularly grated which makes for a very bumpy ride (still doable in a small car).


Most times we have camped but we most recently tried out their chalets. They also have a fun island tree house that we've stopped in but never have spent the night in.

The camping spaces are not only beautifully situated right along the dam but easily accessible, equipped with power outlets, water spouts, braii stands, picnic tables and covered areas, all just within the grounds of the new restaurant, bar, deck and abolition block. It’s no bush camping!

The chalets are small container like 2 bedroom apartments that are simple but somewhat modern with full kitchen, sitting room and the one room. They charge K600 per room, which means if sharing and wish to pay for the whole chalet/apartment it comes to K1,200. The location is not as ideal with these because they are all clustered together in a place away from the water with no view and the upkeep is lacking.

If looking for a more unique experience, check out this private house, only reachable by boat. There is an outdoor shower and bathroom with one room accommodation. If you don't opt to stay here, see about still stopping while out for a boat ride!

Budget travel

Definitely! Camping costs are k40 per person and there is an entrance fee at the same price. *Covid/2021 update: camping is K100 per person plus entrance fee. The chalets are k600 per room per night. To check current prices or book, check out their page (and phone number) here. The restaurant food and drinks are pretty average or bring your own! Boat rentals range from k500-k3,000.

Have you been before? What else would you add? Tell me in the comments!

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May 20, 2021

Good evening am Rodgers sichinga.i wanted to inquire how much do you charge per night for a couple .

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