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Non-stop kind of weekend

This weekend was incredibly busy but yet very fulfilling, still with elements of peace and rest.

Fridays I don’t have class, but it’s only a tease due to my saturday class.

I was working basically all day in Admissions and sitting Desk.

I spent some time with my former rowing coach as I braided her hair for a fight-she won!

Grocery shopping with roomies and total reorganization of our cabinets and fridge 🙂

Dinner and chill out with friends, and then I had to take off, before the game night started, to write a culture/immigration paper for my class.

Class went really well. We gave a presentation in class, and sadly one of our members was sick and couldn’t make it. Then straight from class it was off to a full day of global partnership (mission trip) training! So my day was 8am-8pm. I was exhausted and thought I would go to bed extremely early, but of course I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am. Another night full of just hanging out with all my close girlfriends and we watched silver linings playbook (good movie).

This meeting got me really excited for the Appalachia mission trip I will be taking in March!!!!

The next morning: church, briefly talking with a street person, hanging out with cousins, work (preview weekend for prospective students), another Appalachia meeting, Collegelife service, catching up with my boy that was out in the burbs this weekend-his was a difficult weekend-full of floormate’s death and a family friend funeral, but also some very good news for Zambia! So another day of 9am-11pm. And then of course any talking time with David always turns into 3+ hours so really another night until 2:30am.

The Lord’s presence was very powerful this weekend, and hearing Him speak in such obvious ways was very much needed. I need Him. Riane and I were also blessed with more women interested in our small group that we are starting. The Lord is very good to us-He is good. He is Tov.

Life of a college student….busy busy busy, but I know it won’t necessarily stop, it’s just life! 🙂

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