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Nshima Cornmeal Tacos - Zambian Mexican Fushion

Most of my recipes are whole30 but these tacos are made with cornmeal and white flour tortillas so if you're looking for whole30 tacos, check out my amazing shrimp cabbage tacos here!

I’m playing around with tortilla recipes because I’m planning to do a taco stand at an event this Saturday! There is a cultural festival at my International School where there will be lots of international food, dancing and such. I'm hoping everything will go through to have my own little taco stand! If so, I'll post all about it.

Nshima is the staple food of Zambia, and most African countries have their own version of this same/similar cornmeal. I've always wondered if I could use it in mexican recipes such as corn tortillas and tamales! So I decided to try out a corn tortilla with the Zambian breakfast meal. I found it was too grainy and strong of a taste to use without another flour. David said it tasted like cooked Nshima, true. So for today I just did about 1/2 cornmeal (a little closer to 1/4 by the end) and about 1/2- 3/4 white flour. I hope to try one out with all the arrowroot flour that I just got from the states! That way this recipe can be paleo! And really, check out my whole30 cabbage tacos. But for now...


1 cup cornmeal 

1-2 cups flour 

1 tbsp salt 

1 juice of a lime 

1 1/2 boiling water 


Mix all ingredients together. Roll into balls. Squish dough using a frying pan and freezer size ziplock bag! (This is my hack since I don’t have a tortilla press. A tortilla press or regular rolling works, too.)

Cook in frying pan on high heat, no oil, for about 1 minute each side. 

Scramble eggs with coconut milk (optional), salt and pepper. Cook bacon. Assemble tacos with a spoonful of scrambled eggs, 1-2 pieces of bacon, 2 slices of avocado, thinly sliced cabbage, hot sauce, jalapeños and cilantro or pico de gallo. Squeeze a lime!

Eat and enjoy every bite!

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