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Why I love solo travel

2019 has been full of solo traveling! I mean I’d rather travel with my man but there are some great benefits of traveling alone.

Here are just a few reasons I’ve grown to love it:

Freedom & intuition & independence. I plan about half or less and either way I just go with the flow most of the time. I love not consulting or thinking about what the other person wants to do and how to sync our desires. It’s pretty freeing to just trust your intuition.

Friendships. I’ve met some great friends this year through solo travel. Friends I’ve met up with again and planned other trips together. Others who we’ve just chatted and shared another piece of humanity together. Something that doesn't happen as often when you have someone you already know to chat with, leading to the next one...

Comfort zone. I’m definitely not as outgoing as I was in high school and college, but solo travel creates that outlet to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Budget. I love budget travel and one of the biggest ways I’ve optimized budget travel is via solo travel. Hostels, deals, saving money on food and as a married couple when we travel together the costs feel so much higher even though we both contribute, it feels like saving when the whole trip is less than half the cost it would have been...slightly irrational but anyone else feel me on that one?

Can't wait for others to see the world. I'm in a time in my life where I have the time off work, no children or great restraints, enough finances to at least budget travel, living abroad and just have the pure desire to explore! If I wait for others I may never see the world...carpe diem!

Me myself moments. Each city I’ve been to this year, I try to find a specific moment or place to relish in. I take the time to reflect and appreciate. This year has been full of loss and grief and it’s especially important to have the time to process in a different way. Me myself moments have been very special and necessary.

This leads me to the last one. There’s so much to learn about ourselves. I’m convinced even when our days finish, we still won’t get ourselves. As a couple, David and I love to try and figure out ourselves and each other, a never-ending challenge. Solo travel reveals parts of yourself you may otherwise never find. Every trip creates learning moments of knowing yourself just a little bit more.

Those are my 7-ish reasons I've thoroughly enjoyed solo travel in 2019! I'm forever grateful for the many trips and places I've experienced this year. I'd love to hear from you - what's your reason for solo traveling? Or maybe if you haven't really tried it before, anything that makes you want to solo travel?

Mbeya, Tanzania. August 2019.

Kraków, Poland. April 2019.

Austria. May 2019.

Kalambo Falls. The second longest falls in Africa. March 2019.
Prague. April 2019.
Washington D.C. Long Layover. December 2019.

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