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Discover Zambia

Every year, the official Discover Zambia instagram account holds a takeover campaign. They chose 10 Photographers around the world to participate.

I was pretty nervous looking at some of the world renowned and prize winning photographers. I take all of my photos for instagram on my 4 year old iPhone so seeing their cameras was a little intimidating! But I figured there was a reason they asked me to be part of the takeover, so I went for it.

I had a great experience posting two photos each day and interacting with thousands of people through the likes, comments and questions. I am also genuinely surprised and pleased with how it went with the follower engagement. If you enjoyed my takeover, please go back to my 10 photos and like, comment and share! There is a competition component to the takeover campaign so the top 2 most interacted posts/takeovers will win! And to everyone who started following Discover Zambia during my takeover (1,000 people), those who followed my account (about 200 people) and everyone I saw in person or received a message from with encouragement and interest, thank you so much. Lastly, to anyone just reading about it now: I hope you enjoy my photos! Tell me your favorite one in the comments below.

@wholefoodabroad Discover Zambia Takeover July 2020

5 days. 10 photos. Beauty and wonder of a land locked Southern African country.

Monday: The Copperbelt Hidden Gems.

Day 1 Photo 1

The Copperbelt has such unique beauty and much of it comes from the richness of the soil. This desert looking canyon is an eroded sandstone delta and can be found just past Luanshya. It makes for a breathtaking sunset experience.⁠

Day 1 Photo 2

I took this photo on a trip where I was hoping to convince my husband that camping can be for any type of traveler!⁠ There are different ways to camp and make it fun. Well it worked! We returned a few months later. ⁣

I had never known of Mufulira as being somewhere specifically to visit for travel, but it really is worth it. The camping facilities are very nice and they also have chalets. There are a variety of activities such as boating (own or rent), swimming, volleyball and more, all with reasonable prices. The Mufulira Boating Club, another hidden gem of the Copperbelt. ⁣What about you — do you like camping?⁣

Tuesday: Forests in Zambia.

Day 2 Photo 1

Breathing in the fresh air and beauty of Mwekera Forest Reserve. ⁣

Day 2 Photo 2

Have you heard of Zambia’s tallest free standing mountain?⁠⠀


Her name is Mt Mumpu and she stands at 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) above sea level. Located in the North Swaka Forest Reserve, a few hours north of Mkushi, it is also home to one of the largest bat caves in Southern Africa.⁠⠀


I host a Travel Tuesday weekly series on my blog and my trip to Mt. Mumpu is today’s feature. You can check out the blog post all about hiking the tallest mountain in Zambia through my link in bio and in stories today.⁠⠀

Wednesday: The Northern Province.

Day 3 Photo 1

Let’s check out the Northern Province Today.

Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world!

It is also the...

1) second deepest

2) largest (by volume) and

3) oldest fresh water lake in the world

Tag a few friends who you’d love to catch this boat ride with!

Day 3 Photo 2

Let’s explore the Northern Province today.

Kalambo falls is twice the height of Victoria Falls! It is the tallest waterfall in Zambia and second highest single drop waterfall in Africa with a 221 metre (772 foot) drop. It flows through the incredible Kalambo gorge with a depth of almost 300 metres (1,000 feet).

Thursday: The Copperbelt Province (and NGO volunteering).

Day 4 Photo 1

We’re back to the Copperbelt today!

She wanted the blue sky, but I was just mere water. And so I did my best. I reflected. One of the many beautiful dams in Zambia: Mufulira Dam.

Day 4 Photo 2

The joy of spending time with transforming communities.

I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with Jubilee Centre (@jubilee.centre) to lead teacher trainings as well as career development workshops for secondary students. To experience junior parliament debates, culture and tradition discussions, feeding programs, grief counseling sessions and more. About a year ago we began sponsoring a child who lives in a nearby compound.

Most recently, I had the joy of bringing together my Simba International School students with the students of a local community school in Chipulukusu (aka Mapalo) Ndola. Watch the video here.

Friday: The Southern and Muchinga Provinces.

Day 5 Photo 1

Swimming at the top of Victoria falls. If given the chance, would you do it?

Looking back at that thick current of devil’s pool, it’s mind blowing to think we swam there as a family, letting the current rush through us and spill over the steep face of a natural world wonder.

It all goes back to one of the greatest reasons I love Zambia. The untouched beauty that we get to experience close up. The oneness with nature, as we watch and feel the mosi-oa-tunya, the smoke which thunders, we hear her roar.

Day 5 Photo 2

Let’s explore the Muchinga province! ⁠

Watching the sun set over Mutinondo Wilderness, after a long day of hiking. I was blown away by the expansive beauty of Mutinondo and all the fun we had here! I have a Mutinondo Wilderness travel guide up on my blog that I’ve link in stories & in my bio.

I couldn’t resist ending my takeover with a sunset, as Zambia’s sunsets are like no other in the world to me. Always better when enjoyed with a sundowner. Agree? Cheers to the weekend! 🍻⁠

And cheers @discoverzambia for graciously hosting me this week and to all of you for your love and support. I am looking forward to sharing more travel with you all over at @wholefoodabroad.⁠



Discover Zambia takeover campaign sponsors:

The AdBox Zambia, Chiawa Safaris, Lilayi Lodge, Mulberry Mongoose, Mukambi Safaris, Sakaeparadise, Shenton Safaris and Toyota Zambia Limited.

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Lorraine Williams
Lorraine Williams
Sep 02, 2020

Marvelous! Beauty shared visually and by word. Love, love, love the video of Simba School and Blessing Community School!!!!

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