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10 places to visit in the Copperbelt, Zambia

We just recently celebrated Africa Freedom Day on May 25th and in honor of that, I thought I would share some places to explore in the part of Africa that I have called home for a number of years now: The Copperbelt, Zambia. 🇿🇲

The Copperbelt is rich in culture and known for being a province full of a number of smaller towns, all with a history in copper mining, as the name suggests. The cities and towns are small with not too many activities to do, which provides a tranquil side of life, which is not as common in today’s society. I have separated out different places to go, each with a blog post or travel guide to read more about if you wish! Browse through and see where you want to explore next. I hope this also gives a nice overview of the Copperbelt Province, Zambia. 


The provincial capital, there are a number of things to do and see near and around Ndola. It is a good sized city but with a small town feel. Ndola is called, “the friendly city,” and sure enough it is known for that along with being a family oriented town and full of churches, the bible belt of Africa, if you will. I have lived here since 2017 and you can read here what it’s been like for me to move from big fast paced city Chicago, USA to small slow paced town Ndola, Zambia. Although there are not a lot of activities to do weekly here, I have compiled a list of 30 places to visit in Ndola. There are even more restaurants to visit if you look at my Ndola eats highlight on my instagram. Check it out and explore!


Located just about 45 minutes from Ndola, is a beautiful game reserve. If you’d like to visit, read my travel guide to Nsobe here and look up information on the Facebook page. It’s a perfect getaway near enough town. This is also a great stopover on the way traveling from Lusaka to anywhere in the Copperbelt.


Another game style resort set on a very small piece of land, still being developed. There is a beautiful infinity style pool so it is definitely worth a day out! There is a boat ride, short and sweet. A game drive, also very short and efficient as there is not much land for the animals to roam here. The restaurant is still in the early stages with a simple menu but the views are lovely. The rooms are very nice for an overnight although their prices are most similar to large game resorts. 


A very small town on the Copperbelt, known for its heyday during the mining boom of the past. There is not too much to do here but I would recommend going to the golf course. In case their restaurant is not in operation, they at least have a bar and a nice view. I would also recommend Makoma dam, again it is not lively anymore, but it is still a nice place for a picnic, bring a boat or to have drinks by the lake. 


I highly suggest making your way out to Mpongwe, Copperbelt. It is about a 2 hour drive from Ndola and the road is very good, this is a nice feel for a Zambian road trip. The main attraction here is Lake Kashiba, and it is worth going whether just for an afternoon, day trip or a weekend of camping. Read my travel guide and mythical story telling about this interesting lake, here! The other times I have gone to Mpongwe are mostly to private farms to visit friends or small lodges for a weekend getaway. There are some smaller bush camps with fishing on the Kafue river, too.


Kitwe is the other main city of the Copperbelt province, and the second largest city in Zambia by population (third largest after Ndola in terms of size and space). So yes, it’s a crowded place but there is a fair amount to do in terms of shopping and dining out. The dam is definitely worth going to visit - see my travel guide for it hereChembe Bird Sanctuary is also a lovely place to visit, just past the smaller nearby town Kalalushi.


One of the smallest of all the towns on the Copperbelt, there is not too much to see in town but their boating club and dam is one of the best to explore! This is a great weekend getaway destination as they have both chalet apartment style accommodation and also set up for camping. Read more about the activities in my travel guide, here! 


There are a few places to camp around Chingola but otherwise it is a small town with not too much activity. Definitely have a look at some of the outdoor spaces nearby here and for food, check out crumbs & co. I have a few places explained in this travel guide.


A world renowned wildlife refuge namely for chimpanzees. Visit the chimps, explore the outdoors and learn so much from a trip here! Perfect for a day trip within the Copperbelt or an overnight. Read my full travel guide and information about Chimfunshi, including the history and how it came to be!


Solwezi is just barely into the Northwestern province, but it is only about a 3 hour drive from Ndola. It has a surprisingly number of outdoor activities, such as caves and waterfall rapids, to do right near the town! For a whole list, read this blog post. This is another great weekend trip from Ndola and the road is smooth and an easy drive all the way there! 

What other places have I left out for the Copperbelt? Comment below and let us know! 

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